Sleeping at the Burlington airport / bus depot.
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Can you sleep at the Burlington airport and/or attached Greyhound bus depot?

A bus I want gets into the Burlington Greyhound bus depot - which is attached to the airport - at 2am. My flight leaves at 6am (so I'll need to be there at 5a). I don't see much logic in getting a room for the night. (I am traveling with my boyfriend, but if safety is a major issue, please let me know.)

Does anyone have more current information than sleeping in airports on staying over at the Burlington airport or bus terminal?
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Burlington, NC? Vermont?
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Response by poster: Sorry - Vermont!
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With that schedule, I'd be nervous to sleep anywhere other than the airport. I mean, you're looking at three hours' sleep maximum, probably less than that.

I'd call the airport and ask when it opens, because it doesn't look like the sort of place that would necessarily be open all night. Just phone them and tell them what you've told us about your schedule- I'm sure it comes up all the time and they probably have suggestions!
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The fixed base operator at the airport has a picture of a bedroom in the photos of their amenities. These sorts of things are generally intended for crew of an aircraft paying them a bunch of money for fuel or whatever, but if the bedroom isn't occupied they might let you use it. Here's their contact information.
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Best answer: Safety is not an issue. However, I don't think there is actually any bus depot to speak of at all at the airport, I think the bus just stops and drops you off and there's like a little... trailer where you can get your tickets. Here is a picture. I've been to BTV early and late and it really is one of those sorts of airports where they lock the gates up at night but their website says they're open 24 hours a day so I'm going with that.

If you've got an early morning flight with a ticket and that's when the bus gets you there, there is probably a place you can hunker down in the airport and people there are really friendly. They just put in a newish yoga studio mini room in the main airport (other places would have a chapel, we have that) which would be a totally nice place to get some shut eye if it were open. There's also a little tower area where you can sit and watch the places come in/out and charge a laptop and listen to air traffic control. You can't bring food and drink up there but it's private and a bit out of the way.
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Best answer: From my own early morning BTV experiences (have caught some early morning flights from there, usually staying in Colchester the night before), that place is dead, dead, dead at 4am, and the staff really doesn't like you hanging around anyplace but the main lobby if there aren't flights in the next hour or so. Expect several hours of boredom.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I'm going to take an earlier bus and spend the night in Burlington proper.
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