How to back-up files to two computers AND a web server to boot
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BackUpFilter: I'm looking for a quick way to back-up important files from two different locations, via a remote server. Could I be any more vague?

Ok, let's say I have an important file at work (file A) that I want to back-up to a web server AND have available at home. Is there an easy way (an app maybe) to set up a folder wherein the contents are automatically uploaded to the web server, which is then downloaded to the secondary computer (whether that be work or home).

I guess the downloading and uploading doesn't have to be automatic... maybe after I change the files, I could trigger a small app to upload everything (if there's been a change), and then I could download them on the other end. Maybe even set up a system task to do it.

So, has anyone heard of an application that does this? Or have suggestions for rolling one of my own? Thanks!
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I don't have much experience with it, but it sounds like rsync (or some equivalent Windows program, since the odds are you're not using a UNIX-alike operating system) might do the trick.
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Best answer: If you have FTP access to the web space, I would suggest SyncBack. Freeware download at the bottom right of the page.

It allows you to set up scheduled backup tasks in Windows that can upload to an FTP site. You install one task on your work machine that uploads and one on your home machine that downloads. You can also trigger the actions manually.

If you use the web space as a transition point (you don't actually keep files there, you delete them once they are downloaded to your home computer), most of the small web spaces included by default by ISP (5-10 megs) would do the trick if the files are documents and not movies, pictures, music, etc.

You then have an offsite backup on the cheap.
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Long ago I was a reseller for SwapDrive. They have automated tools that will do the backing up part. You'll have to restore manually. The newer upstart StrongSpace is cheaper, however. You could use their sftp service along with WinSCP's explorer-type interface to get fairly seamless performance.
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Maybe take a gander at Web Synchronizer (although I use SyncBack as recommended above, and I think it's pretty cool too. But webSync is more remote/FTP-friendly, as I see it)

Or if you are comfortable using something like rsync, this link discusses using cwRsync on windows
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I have had a good experience with Synchromagic Pro. I primarily use it to back up domains (FTP to PC), but it works well keeping my work directory and take home directory (HD <> Firewire Drive) synchronized. It also is easy to set it up to maintain a mirror from one folder to multiple points (PC > FTP and Firewire).
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