How can I rent a PS3 in central Florida?
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I'm down in Central Florida for over a week and kind of stuck in the house. I want to play Playstation 3 exclusive "The Last of Us" but don't really need the console after a little over a week. What can I do?

I'm visiting my mom for a couple weeks. Due to a not-serious-but-still-not-awesome medical thing, we can't run off to Disney every other day and are spending a lot of time around her house. Fun, but it's a lot of downtime.

I have both a PS3 and an Xbox back home. I've been dying to play "The Last of Us" but haven't gotten the time. Now I have plenty of time, but no console. Simple, just go out and buy a now-cheap PS3, right?

Well, except I barely use my PS3 at home, and have only a game or two for it. So in the future, having an XBox down here would be much more beneficial as I could bring down any number of games. So once I finish TLOU, I'd have a PS3 I'd not have much software for. Basically I want to date the PS3, not marry it.

So I'd love to rent a PS3, but I don't know any place that rents them—Rent-A-Center maybe? But they won't show me the cost until after I submit credit checks, etc. and I'm kind of scared of their scummyness in general.

Is there anything I'm missing? Any other ideas?
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Ask Mom if she has any friends or friends-of-friends that may have a PS3 lying around. Try social media as well; twitter, facebook, etc.

also, an individual with few scruples may consider buying a console from a store with lax return policies and returning it a week later.
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Do you have Game Stop? Sometimes they do console rentals, although it appears to vary by location.
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Response by poster: Game Stop is nearby, but I didn't see them come up as rental possibilities. I'll call now.
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Response by poster: Craven, I considered that. But the return policies for this sort of thing are fuzzy.
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Best answer: Well I just called a local department store and their return policies on opened game consoles is 30 days. And since we'll be evaluating if my mom likes the console well enough to keep it, I feel less like a jerk doing this. Thanks!
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Or.. if you don't want to feel like a jerk at all, and you happen to have a still-open Blockbuster near the ZIP you're staying at (I'm in SoFL, and there's still 3-4 around within 30 miles), you can try to rent one from them.

No debit card, CC only, with a security deposit... and you'd obviously want to call first.
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I second Debaser626. I was thinking the same exact thing.

Maybe looking at the phone book (paper or online) for places that rent PS3 video games in the area and seeing if any of them also rent PS3 systems.
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Best answer: Rent-a-center has a weekly rate of $25 for a PS3. The Last of Us has also piqued my curiosity and thanks to this thread I'm going to go rent one myself...
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