Handheld games for the bus commute
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I ran out of games to amuse me on my commute. Can you help me find some iOS games according to my special snowflake requirements for my iPod touch? I'm looking for games I can play holding the iPod in one hand in portrait mode, no internet required, and that won't be disrupted by a bumpy bus ride. Thanks!!

Here is a list of games I already have:

Games that meet the requirements that I'm tired of playing:
Monorail (beat it)
Tiny Tower
Pocket Planes
Pocket Frogs
Happy Street

Games I like but that I can't play on the bus with one hand in portrait mode:
Draw Something
Fruit Ninja
Temple Run, Temple Run 2
Jetpack Joyride
Rescue Rush
I Love Katamari
Angry Birds, all flavors

Elements of games that I don't like:
Extended narrative explanations (like in Mystery Room)
Shutting off my music (like in Mystery Room)
Required in-game purchases to continue playing (Tiny Tower and Happy Street both addicted me into paying, ugh)
"Assembling items from components" (like Fast Food Tycoon)

Are there more of my perfect game out there? Please tell me there are!
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Scurvy Scallywags is my current favorite. Match-three game with lots of humor and charm. Has in-app purchases but they're totally unessential.
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How do you feel about match-3 games? Gem Spinner is an oldie but goodie for me (haven't tried Gem Spinner II, but it exists too).

How about word games? My one-handed portrait-mode favorites include Wurdle and Moxie. Jambalaya's pretty good too, but more susceptible to bumps.

Another category you might go for are games like MotionX Poker Quest and Sword and Poker (I and II), which use poker arrangements in new settings (dice and a card matrix, respectively). These both have a story line, but it's minimal.
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DragonVale, Ticket To Ride (some bump issues with one or two wrong plays, but not completely destructive), and Dots.
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10000000: Fight monsters in a sort of match-3/RPG mix.

Ridiculous Fishing: Goofy arcade game. Step 1: Tilt to avoid fish as long as possible. Step 2: Tilt to pick up as many fish as possible. Step 3: SHOOT AS MANY FISH AS POSSIBLE. (May be disrupted by a bumpy bus ride.)

Lost Cities: Simple card/strategy game. Has pretty good AI opponents for single-player mode.
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I bought an iThing for the first time mainly in order to play Mew Mew Tower. You are "assembling items from components", though (a tower, from cats).
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I really like the Scrabble game on my iPhone. It works one-handed and if you're a word person, it's really, really fun.

I'm also WAY into Ruzzle now.

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Spelltower is a fun word game that fits your reqs
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Cut the Rope?
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If you like word games the best (so far) version of Boggle/Scramble I found that is both free and works offline is WS Free
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I am continuously surprised at how much fun I find the simple game of Strategery.
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Clearly missing from your list is Triple Town, which would be perfect (and is both addicting and non-money-demanding -- I think there's a one-time unlock option). Other possibilities that I keep coming back to are Dungeon Raid or various kinds of word-based games like Textropolis or 7 Words, etc., that don't have a nimbleness component.
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Word games are great for this, and my favourites are:
SpellTower, Muddled, Quordy, QatQi, and Word Welder.

Also try Drop 7 (sort of number-based tetris).
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Do you like puzzles? If so, Quell, Quell Reflect, and Quell Memento will all work. (The game displays in landscape, but I often solve the puzzles while holding the phone upright. There's no time constraints, so you won't ever mess up the game because you have to stop playing during a sudden bus jerk.
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Dots doesn't work all that well one-handed. (I only play it on the bus if I can get a seat.)
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I play Doodle Jump. I only play Doodle Jump. Doodle Jump is the best.
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I keep going back to Marple, a fine logic-puzzle game similar to an old RealArcade game, Inspector Parker.
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Puzzle & Dragons is huge. It's an orb-matcher, with Pokemon-like team management. You want to restart until you get a good rare monster, though.
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I think all of these fit your criteria: Chocolate Fix, Helsing's Fire, Box Flow, Shikaku Madness, Conceptis Slitherlink, Conceptis Hashi, Qvoid.
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Canabalt? It only has one control. The link has a flash version, if you want to try it out first.

(I have the Android version, so I don't know whether it interferes with your music on iPhone.)
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Try SLAY. Start off with the staggered difficulty and switch to select-a-difficulty and do everyone on VERY HARD. This will take you several weeks at least. But the great thing is you can start and stop a game at anytime and it is still challenging and a good time passer.
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Hi guys, I just wanted to say thanks so much for these great suggestions. I'll be coming back to this list for a long time. Right now Strategery is rocking my world. (I also enjoyed Mew Mew Tower and Scallywags but they both shut off my music. And I'm apparently awful at word games.)
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