What's a fun second date around BAM on Sunday evening?
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Hello! I'm looking for second date ideas around the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Sunday evening after or before getting ice cream. We're both nerdy literary types and the first date was Despicable Me 2 in the theatre, which was great.

I've already seen the shows at BAM and they seem too serious (Before Midnight is NO JOKING MATTER) or too long (Lawrence of Arabia is 3.5 (3.5!) hours!). Thanks!
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Go to Ample Hills on Vanderbilt for ice cream!
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After ice cream--Unnameable Books--which is also on Vanderbilt.
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Also greenlight bookstore.
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Sunday evening is tough everywhere, since anything that isn't a bar or a restaurant tends to close early.

If you can move the time up a little, you could hit Brooklyn flea or some of the fun (but expensive) home/antique stores on Atlantic.

If you're up for a walk, it's about a mile and a half down Atlantic from BAM to Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6, which is pretty cool -- you can eat a fancy hot dog and watch people play beach volleyball or just look at the river/view of Manhattan. Also, if it's not too late, you can stop at Sahadi's http://www.sahadis.com/store-tour/ along the way, or detour down Smith/Court street and hit any of a number of bars and restaurants there.
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Sunday evening they have outdoor movies at Habana Outpost. This week it looks like School Daze, which I've never seen. My perfect Fort Greene date would be--browse at Greenlight Bookstore, go get a glass of wine or a cappucino at Café Lafayette, then pop over to Habana Outpost for dinner and a movie :)
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Seconding Unnameable, which is directly across the street from Ample Hills Creamery. Best bookstore ever.
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