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Boston Legal: can you name this episode?

There's an early (I think) episode where Alan Shore is intimidating someone that is threatening to sue either his client or the entire firm. He brings Denny Crane in, and begins intimidating the plaintiff by making statements about how Crane, Poole, and Schmidt is going to destroy said plaintiff. Every. single. line from Alan is punctuated by a "Denny Crane" from Denny. Which episode is this, and is this clip online?
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I have the whole run on DVD....just off the top of my head this might be Season 2 ep 9, "Gone", where Denny shoots a homeless guy in the head with a paintball (Omar from The Wire no less), and when he comes back with some little nebbish right out of law school, they give him the treatment.

No luck finding it online, sorry.
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Best answer: They do something like this in the 4th episode. Alan is intimidating the main witness in a case against his client and brings Denny in just to say Denny Crane. I don't see a video on any site legit enough to try at work, but here's the transcript. It's on page 6.
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Response by poster: I think grapesaresour might have it. I thought I remembered a lot more "Denny Cranes" in that exchange than are in the transcript, but that may just be memory doing its thing. Will hopefully confirm tonight.
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