Looking for a funny Twilight blog
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Looking for a blog I once saw. The author was a young feministy woman reading the Twilight books a chapter at a time, and posting her (generally hilarious) impressions and commentary. I thought I saw it on Metafilter, but I can't find it.

I've already combed through the posts with the "twilight" tag, but I don't see it there. It may have been mentioned in a comment or something. Google isn't much help either, though. I think the site design included a photo of the author holding a copy of the book in one hand and facepalming with the other.
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The only things I can think of are:

- Alex Day's vlogs about Twilight (alex is a dude though) on his youtube channel as Alex Reads Twilight

- cleolinda's recaps on lj

- stoney's recaps on lj
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this one?
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Reasoning With Vampires?
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It might be Ana Mardoll's.
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I know it's not a woman, but Mark Reads Twilight?
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Best answer: Ooh! It's Vampirely, although she never got through all of them.
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Response by poster: Bingo! That's it. Thanks, all!
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