Help me not wreck this scarf.
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I bought a scarf made of a very delicate, tissue-y kind of silk that catches and pulls if I so much as touch it. Yes, it was cheap, and we get what we pay for, but I still like it and would still like to wear it. Is there anything I can do to prevent/slow down the catching/pulling process? For example, ironing it before wearing it?
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In the olden days, we spritzed hairspray on runs in nylon stockings to stop them traveling. Maybe that would work?
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Moisturizing your skin more will help.
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Night_owl, it catches on anything, not just me.
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How are you wearing it? Maybe wrap it in loops and tuck in the ends rather than let any of it hang free and flow away from your body? (See "Amy" and "Roberta" examples here.)
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it's possible this may just WRECK the scarf for you, but based on the idea of using a dab of clear nail polish to prevent hose runs from unraveling, they make a clear lacquer spray for instruments.. Nikolas Lacquer, that I find to be a thing I love and spray all over everything all the time. it'd be sort of like coating your whole scarf in a fine layer of nail polish.

if it's mostly just the edges that are snagging, then if you made some sort of carboard cover for the middle of the scarf and just sprayed the outside edges it may help too without losing your silky feeling.

hairspray would be a less drastic form of this as well, though I find hairspray to stay vaguely sticky for the rest of your life and also if it's near me it invariably gets in my mouth.

I would guess that's a synthetic material, and with strands that fine I think I'd worry about ironing melting it. if it's real silk though, you could try it, on a low heat?
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I have several scarves like that and while I've never tried a chemical or heat prevention for the snags, I do try really hard to keep them away from clothing with zippers, high embroidery or beads, or anything with a velcro closure. If they do snag badly, I try to tease the fibers back into place and snip any trailing threads-- you might have more luck spot-daubing those areas with clear nail polish.
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If it helps at all, I don't think of that as "wrecked" so much as "what happens to that type of material as it wears in". It's the same as soft leather bags getting colored, scratched, etc. Sometimes it can look awkward in the middle of the process, but it is what makes it awesome later.
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Careful what earrings you wear with it.
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