Name that puppy!
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I'm getting a puppy! He's a male cream-colored lab, pictured here. What should I name him?

I'm leaning against human names, because I don't want to inadvertently associate his name with another popular human's name. I've been leaning toward nature/forest/outdoors names like "timber" and "frost" because it reminds me of going on vacation to a lake house.

If it helps, I'm a computer programmer in the bay area who enjoys making music, but composer names are too classical, musical terms too italian, and programmer terms sometimes too nerdy. Maybe space/sci-fi, or something, would also be good. Eh, you're good at this.
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Aww! He looks like a "Buster" to me!
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Wheatley, because he's the color of wheat and because you can make some funny Portal jokes about him too whenever he gets into stuff that he shouldn't.
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I vote Spud
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What's his personality like? A name can tell people what his appearance doesn't. It shares what you know about him. What do you know about him? How is he different from other puppies?
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Spruce Bingsteen!
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We called our lab Bailey! Bailey is fun and a bit crazy, and a good name for him! Yours looks kind of like a Bailey! (Previous labs were "Cisco" and "Hoover", who was a rescue whom we didn't name, but had eaten rocks and plastic utensils, hence the name.)

Here is Bailey! Here is Hoover! (and here!) Here is Cisco!

(Bailey is also great when you shorten it: "Hey Bails!" Etc. It is also a brand of Irish Cream, which, c'mon.)
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That's Biscuit!
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As a long time owner of one lab and one lab mix I'm pretty sure every lab should just be named Trouble from the get go.
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The last lab I knew and loved was called Jasper after the National Park, which his owners had a special connection to. That doesn't necessarily work for your region/life (unless you have a distant connection to Alberta parks), but if you're inclined towards outdoorsy things/names, a (very cursory) glance through a list of Bay area state parks brings up these possibilites:

Or, if you want to go national, maybe:
Redwood (Red)
Yosemite (Yoyo)

Or, you could just go with the obvious name for the little guy, which is clearly Cutey McSnugglemuffin.
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Many labradors are descended from the Buccleuch labradors - so maybe Bucky?

It's also a pretty comic-booky name, and one that isn't easily confused with a real person's name.

Additional covert nerd points can be gained when referring to Bucky's ball, especially if you get him a dog buckyball.

I think the name has the right mix of stalwart loyalty and impish sidekickery that all labs naturally possess.
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My dad (who raised and trained labs his whole life) told me to always name your dog something that ended in an EEE sound (Sophie, Allie, Sadie) so it was easier to yell.
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Roobarb. Although he could equally be Custard, given his colour.

For reference.
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Nthing Biscuit!

Adding on edit - I'm a professional chef (before I became a mom, although I still own a culinary based business...) He looks like a PERFECT biscuit.

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Atticus - personality traits - Unbiased, humble, understanding, wise - sounds like a lab to me

Furly - Urban dictionary - "the furly is a dance where u throw ur body aroud"

Cooter - small freshwater turtle

Buoy - water navigation

Toby - Urban dictionary - "A Toby is someone lovable, caring and stylish. They are very good friends, and will always be there if you need a shoulder to lean on"

Tobias - God is good

Sac-au-lait - alternate name for game fish, crappie. Translation is "bag of milk"
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Sac-au-lait - alternate name for game fish, crappie. Translation is "bag of milk"

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Pacman would have been a good choice, in retrospect, for my lab as a pup: yellow; never stopped moving or eating/biting; just changed direction when confronted with obstacles... in the same vein names like Qbert, Sonic, Yoshi or Link might work.
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Because he loves you.
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Corben. I have no idea why, but that name popped into my head when I opened the pic. And when he's big you can just call him "Corbs" or "Corbsy".
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Call him Korben!
Call him Dallas!

Call him Multipass!

Call him Korben Dallas Multipass!
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"Dune" gives you nature and Sci-Fi; "Gibson" is the name of a desert,* a Sci-Fi author, and a guitar.

"Wizard Howl" might be kind of nice. Then you could call him Wiz, or Howl, depending on which he does more, whiz or howl. ("Howley" is also a place in Labrador/Newfoundland.)

Axel Strorm (or "Axel Storm," to make it easier), because a) "Axel" is just a cool name, and b) Axel Strorm was a character in the sci-fi novel "The Chrysalids," set in Labrador.
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You can take it as a sign from the whatever from high atop the thing, but I've just remembered that last night I had a dream in which the internet voted to name someone's new dog de Valera.

I assume this was not a statement of political affiliation on the part of my brain.
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Random word association upon looking at the pooch:

Nutter Butter!
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Champ for short!
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or: Puck .. mischievous forest sprite?
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I kind of like Cisco, or Sisko, depending on which geek flavor you prefer. (Blatantly stolen from disillusioned's puppy!)

Also, your puppy is adorable, and I am jealous.
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What an adorable baby! I've been watching that PBS series on US National Parks lately, so how about Teddy in honor of Roosevelt's role in establishing our national forests? Or maybe Muir, in honor of John Muir? Or Mather, after the first director of the National Parks Service?

Alternatively, I think he could be a good Sam, or possibly even a Yosemite Sam. And of course just about ANY Lab Could do the name "Ruckus" justice.
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I'll back Sassafras. A friend of mine had a dog named Sassafras, and the thing is - the name itself is fun to say, and you can place so much emphasis on different parts of it. I mean, say it out loud right now - it's fun. So if you name a dog Sassafras, that means that whenever you're having a shit day, you can come home and do what I did all the time:

Hey, Sassafras!
He looks up at you, tail starts wagging along the floor

Gets up on two legs, tail is really going now

Standing now, because oh shit, treats are totally coming my way, better wag my tail like no dog has ever done before!

Fuck fuck fuck treats treats treats wag wag wag wag wag

Basically, naming a dog Sassafras is a points multiplier for your dog's ability to make you smile. You will never be depressed if you have a dog named Sassafras.
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I see a Rufus in there.
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He looks like "Starbuck" to me. (And if he turns out to be female, you're still good.)
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Roscoe! (Human, but rare.)
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Lots of great names but I have to second "Linus" as one that popped out.
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I have wanted to have a light-colored dog that I could name Oatmeal for the longest time.

Or you could just call him Cutest Widdle Squigglybum in the Whole Wide World, cuz that's what he is.
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