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Speakers of Slovak - what the heck is "Albin" farted dough? I know it's more or less like gnocchi - but where did the farted part come from?
posted by plinth to Society & Culture (3 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite guess is that they are referring to a yeast dough (IIRC yeast isn't added to most pastas) as, technically, the gas that makes it rise is the waste or 'farts' of the yeast fungi.
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As you've correctly identified, the Czech just says "feta dumplings." Neither word is terribly close to "fart," although I don't know colloquial Czech. Someone for whom it's a native language should come along and explain this exciting culinary mystery.
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It looks like a typo for Albanian Feta Dumplings. I don't know the correct name, but there are little pastries that have a little chunk of feta-like cheese inside. Some Kosovan friends made them for us. They're not burek (or byrek).
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