How to integrate Flickr photos into Wordpress portfolios?
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There are many gorgeous Wordpress themes for photographers out there. But my pictures are all stored on Flickr, and I have no plans to move them. Will those themes - or which of those will - integrate with my Flickr pics, sets and collections?

In other words: Is Flickr integration into Wordpress independent of a theme (e.g. it comes out of the box, or as long as you have a specific plugin it's no problem), or does it depend on the theme?

Examples: Any of the ones in
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To clarify - do you essentially want it to replicate all of your pics, sets and collections automatically on your new WP site?

If so, that's definitely not something that comes out of the box with WP, and any theme you use would have to have that integration built in, or tweaked to integrate it after purchase. I did find one theme specifically touting its Flickr integration - there may be others.

There are plugins that will let you easily add photos from Flickr. Here are two that I just found. Maybe they will suffice.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answer. To clarify: I would like to be able to:

1) use selected pictures from Flickr for the homepage, page/post illustrations etc. without having to upload them into Wordpress (but reference them to Flickr).

2) show an automatic gallery of Flickr sets inside the site.

I guess 1) can be done via a plugin. Instead of uploading a pic I would use a referenced one. 2) is probably more complicated, as it required integration of sets into of the layout.
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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "gallery of Flickr sets" - static pages? Sidebar with thumbnail images that link to your sets on Flickr? This plugin might work for you. You could create static pages with the set slideshows and have them linked on a sidebar, perhaps?

As for your first (and, really, second) question, Flickr and Wordpress integrate like that already - if you want to create a post with a Flickr image, attach your WP account to your Flickr account and use Flickr's share button. For something more versatile, try this plugin (disclaimer: I have not used this yet, though I have it installed - my needs are simple enough to be met manually or with Flickr's share integration). Flickr will also share sets via WP.

The blog linked in my profile uses Flickr extensively, both manually and through Flickr's interface.
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