How to make Myst?
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Free (beer or speech) Windows-compatible software to make Myst-like point-and-click games? I'd like to have both stills and movies.

A steep learning curve or a little programming doesn't really matter. Neither does the file formats supported. I'm willing to convert.
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Well, if you want a steep learning curve on the programming, there's always GCC.

By the way, didn't the orgional myst use hypercard?
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Actualy, you might be able to do something like this for free you might be able to use DHTML.

If you're willing to spend money there are tons of programs, Macromedia Director would be the most powerful, and you'd be able to put it on the web.
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Director is great for things like this.

There was a project, created by someone in the Myst community, I think called Scrybe, but I can't find it now.. has a good selection of options to choose from, in any case.
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Probably the typical way nowdays is to use Shockwave, I'd say.
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That is, for hobby games. The shelf titles probably hand-code their own system but even they'd do just as well.
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(By Shockwave I mean Director, of course)
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AdventureMaker. :)
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Myst was originally made with hypercard, if i remember right... The Wikipedia Entry has links to some modern clones.
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Myst was definitely done with hypercard.
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