does anyone know what film this is?
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It's a Scandinavian film, though I don't precisely remember which country. The colour palette is faded greeny greys and faded pink. It has a grainy look. It's basically vignettes from ordinary life which are somehow absurd or sureally disappointing. There are lifts, staircases, cafes, scene is a couple in bed, she is a big blonde woman, he a rather scrawny man, all the time they are having sex she's telling him something heartfelt and meaningful and completely off topic... the scene is hilarious and pathetic at the same time. There is another scene of a young married couple starting their life together, talking of their hopes and their romance. It's supposed to be in their bedroom but the set is a moving train with one wall removed, so one wall is a continuously changing vista. The train stops and they get off in a crowd of friends and relations at the station; later in the film a different couple have the same names, ambiguously. Does anyone have a title, so I can find the DVD?
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Best answer: Sounds like Du Levande (You, The Living) by Roy Andersson.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Wonderful. That's it, trailers confirm.
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Seconding "You, the Living". If you decide to rewatch it, also track down its companion piece "Songs From the Second Floor".
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Response by poster: will defo look out for the other one too, thanks
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Response by poster: I thought there was a Viking helmet in there somewhere but it seemed too improbable to write down.
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Note that Songs from the Second Floor is one of the most disturbing movies ever made. It starts with a vague feeling of unease, and by the end you have no idea about anything. Only watch if you're in a really good place, it's sunny outside, and there are no weapons nearby.
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I was coming in to recommend Songs from the Second Floor as a maybe - I love that film but had no idea there was a companion so thanks for the question OP!
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