Landscape section in Word won't run text full width
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Word 2007. I inserted section breaks to set off a landscape section, and the top ruler is showing that the right and left margins are .5" from the edges of an 11" wide page. However, when I insert text the line length only runs out to 6.5"--the same right margin as the previous portrait section. I have not linked the header to the previous section and the header seems to be willing to center on the full 11" with of the landscape orientation. There is no footer. Word gurus, any ideas?
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Do you have a right-indent set on the paragraph, maybe? Highlight the paragraph, right click, choose "Paragraph", and see if there's a number in the right indent field.
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No, right indent is set to 0"
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Do you need to keep it in compatibility mode? I would for a start save it in the most recent version you have on your system. Next, it's not columns, tables or random tabs, as all those show along the ruler. I would check your style but that too should show up in your paragraph drop down box or on the ruler. I'm quite fascinated by the three paragraph marks above.

I'd take the text out, put it into notepad to clear any formatting and then drop it back in, where the paragraph marks look normal.
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If you don't mind sending the file to me I'll have a look at it. I teach Office. It's hard to tell what's going on from a screenshot without just guessing.
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