How do I set up a Linksys Router Behind a DSL Modem/router?
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I own a WRT54G wireless ethernet router that I really want to use behind my 2Wire DSL Modem/Router. I can't make it work the way I want to...

When I hook up the WRT54G to the 2Wire box, it pulls an IP and says that I should put it in "DMZ Mode". I do this and then the routers both appear to have the same IP address. BUT....I can't seem to get DNS working on the WRT54G, even when I manually put the IPs into the proper boxes. So, at this point, I'm ready to rely on the kindness of strangers. Hope me MeFi!
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Best answer: If I'm understanding the problem right.......

Call your provider and tell them you need your 2wire put into "Bridged Mode". This will make the 2wire into a dumb modem instead of a router, and then you can use your router. Had to deal with it a lot at my last job when we had remote people trying to setup their home network.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That's what I needed.
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Best answer: Someting I've done in the past is to turn the DNS and DHCP off for the WRT54G. You set up the DSL modem just like you had no wireless at all. Then, plug the ethernet cable from the DSL modem in to the switch part of the WRT54G, NOT in to the uplink/WAN port. Viola- any wireless client connecting to the WRT54G will get its DHCP setting from the DSL modem and be on the internet.
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Response by poster: Oh Snap Gus! If that works, it's exactly what I need, and it's much easier!
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Just in case others find this question:

I ran with Gus's suggestion for a while, but eventually wanted to use the extra port. Bridged-mode on the modem didn't work for me, as the router doesn't do PPPoA, only PPPoE. Installing OpenWRT made everything Just Work (though of course, I've lost the pretty web interface to the router now).
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Response by poster: Gus, it works! You da man!
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