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What's the best way to promote a Flickr/MeFi Meetup to ensure decent attendance/success?

I'm trying in vain to plan a Flickr/MeFi Meetup in DC this coming Sunday, and posts to MetaTalk, Flickr and, there's been little response. As the date draws near, I fear that the event will end up flopping. What can be done at this late date to pull it off?
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Free food and beer?
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This is really more Meta than Ask, but realistically, I think the problem is not with promotion but with the event. MeFi meets tend to be a few people sitting around having a few drinks. Brunch, being not a drinking sort of meal, unless you mean Mimosas, which aren't really a drinking sort of drink, is not the sort of thing that seems like it would draw a huge MeFi crowd.
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I suggest moving it to the Brickskellar. More laid back, cheaper food and better drink selection. Plus Kramerbooks is really difficult to hear people talk and it is crowded always.

Also, perhaps you should consider adding more info to your user page so people will know more about you, and maybe be more likely to want to meet you. Just a thought.

If I was still in DC I would be there.
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Best answer: Timing is everything. Weekend mornings are fleeting precious to me, and it would be hard to make a meetup at 11am on a Sunday morning.

Also, successful meetups tend to be held at a time and place where those who are so inclined can kick back and have a beer. That means later in the day. It doesn't have to be a full-on bar, but it seems to work best in places where someone can show up and just have a coke or nurse a beer and then leave, if they wish, while allowing others to have a full meal. Some mefites are on tight budgets, and might be reluctant to show up someplace that will cost them $15 or $20.

On preview, what jacquilynne and terrapin said.
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to add to the same theme of "informal is better"--meetups tend to be lower on the "social importance" scale of most people, so meetups which require an advance headcount and a showing up at a particular time, rather than within the meet window, are less successful.

i had only one pleasant brunch experience the whole six years i lived in DC & environs and i can't recall the name of the place.
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Response by poster: Would you suggest scrapping the plan entirely for an evening event?
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cior said: "Would you suggest scrapping the plan entirely for an evening event?"

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Oh, and another reason for possible low RSVP is that with all the bickering going on MeTa right now, the meetup fell off the front page and not everyone checks the sidebar. Good luck, and please post pictures should this materialise. I'd like to see some familiar (or not) smiling faces.
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Response by poster: OK Doing/done. I'll work towards making it happen on the same day at the Brickskeller, later in the afternoon around 4pm.

Thanks for your input, as a relative outsider this advice was helpful. It should've been obvious to me that something so formal wouldn't fly as intended.
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Response by poster: D'oh, Brickskeller opens at 6:30pm. Plans and posting adjusted accordingly.

Flickr/MeFi Meetup on 9/25 @ Brickskeller, 6:30pm
1523 22nd Street NW (P Street NW)
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cior, i'm really flakey. I have the event in the back of my mind and planned on making an effort to be there, but didn't want to RSVP until I knew for sure. RSVP is like the kiss of death for events for me.

I'll second the Brickskellar rec. I'd definitely be down with that.
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The beer thing is key. If I'm going to fend off the social anxiety long enough to meet a bunch of people (or even one person) from the 'net, you'd better believe there will be multiple drinks involved.
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For future reference I'd suggest RFD, particularly given the nice weather at the moment - they have a pleasant terrace and it's a little less cramped than the 'skel. (Same owners, if you don't know, so also a great beer selection) Also closer to the Metro - you can throw a rock from the MCI center/Chinatown stop and hit it. Don't tho, it's a lot of glass.

I'm sorry it's this weekend; I have family in town or else I'd come by.
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