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What are some lesser-known (but awesome!) music festivals?

My full-time hobby is scouting artists for a new independent record label. I just finished running the CMJ Marathon and had the time of my life! I plan on attending other large festivals next year (SXSW and Icelandic Airwaves). But we're a small label and many of the acts performing at the larger festivals already have recording deals. I'd like to find some smaller events where I might hope to discover new talent before the major-label A&R guys move in.

These festivals are kinda what I'm looking for:

Green Man
Noise Pop
Athens Popfest
Wall Of Sound

Any others that you would recommend?

Primarily I am interested in hearing adventurous "pop" music, whether it is branded as folktronica, antifolk, space rock, indie rock, lazy pop, IDM, shoegazer, post-rock, or whatever label springs up next week.
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Response by poster: Oops: Wall Of Sound
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Twangfest is on the countrier end of indie rock, so perhaps not quite what you're looking for, but it's a hell of an event nonetheless.

There was supposed to be a festival in Toronto this year called 'Ear to the Ground' that might have been along the lines of what you were looking for, but it got cancelled due to budget issues. Keep an eye out to see if it comes back next year.
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How about All Tomorrow's Parties on the south coast of England. The line-up is a mix of very leftfield stuff, 'cool' experimental music (Hella, The Locust), and a few popular and good bands (Trail of Dead, Mars Volta).

The festival itself is awesome - three days of non stop party and amazing music.

As the to 'unsigned' criterion, I'm not sure. I should think the majority of bands have deals, but most of them are of the type that just want to put out records and will thus will have multiple simultaneous releases on different labels. Also, I've never been to a better festival for actually mingling with the people that play the music. All the bands watch each other, the band members don't get mobbed and they are very friendly. Therefore, it'd be a good place to get some contacts.

Alernatively, come to Leeds in the UK and see three fantastic, unsigned bands a week.
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The Philadelphia Folk Fest
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If you already know about Athens Popfest, what about Athfest, a weekend of rockin' music- all shows outside are free and it's all local. Plus, the CDs they sell showcasing some of the bands rock.
Then again, I don't think most the music at Athfest is pop-oriented; I find it to be more geared towards rock and country though that was from 3 years ago.
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La Route du Rock (hint for non-Francophones: click "English") looks like good fun. This year they had Yo La Tengo, Sonic Yough, !!!, and the Great Lake Swimmers, which is good enough for me. I wanted to go, but found out about it too late, and was going to Green Man the following week anyway.

If you were coming from the UK this year Condor Ferries could arrange transport and a ticket. I assume a similar deal will be available next year.
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One of the premier gagrage fests has to be Sleazefest, held in Chapel Hill, NC every August.
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If you're ever in the UK around September check out Bestival.
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MACRoCK has always been a fun festival featuring upcoming bands. Their past schedule is not online so here is a pitchfork link that tells an inadequate bit about it. It's also featured Mr. Lif, Little Brother, Prefuse 73, Animal Collective, Q and not U, Kid 606, Dashboard Confessional [a long time ago], and tons more.

Additionally, a friend and I put on a music festival here in Charlottesville two years ago called Fest Full of Rock... it featured RJD2, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Hopesfall, The Unicorns, Broken Spindles, Magnolia Electric Co., Engine Down, El Guapo [aka supersystem], and The Out Circuit. 'Twas quite the success and I think one is happening this year, but I don't plan on getting involved with it.
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The Truck Festival is probably the most well known independent UK festival, and has unsigned/relatively unknown bands a-plenty.
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Pushing, perhaps the definition of "IDM," i'd throw out there: Mutek, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival/DEMF/Movement Festival, Fuse-In, SF's Love Parade, Berlin's Popkomm, Decibel Festival, High Zero (in Baltimore)...etc etc etc...
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There's a music festival at my place tonight, starting around 7:30. I'll be spinning some wax from my collection, kicking back in a recliner, and generally taking it easy.

You're welcome to stop by, and please bring any interesting vinyl you'd like played.

We might do it again next Tuesday, if you can't make it tonight.
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Fuse-In was an amazing time. I might have to go again.
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Might be more hippies than you're looking for, but here's one around me:
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A second vote for Sleazefest, it's part of why I moved to the Chapel Hill area. The region has also started a more general SXSW-type festival, Troika, held at the end of August.
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The Hillside Music Festical in Guelph, Ontario.

Great music, and a goddamn good time.
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Terrastock, if it ever starts up again. It's certainly got the space rock covered.
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Anti-Pop Music Fest in Orlando (Google Fu failing to find the official website) and Bumbershoot in Seattle is terriffic.
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Each spring Relix magazine publishes an impressive listing of upcoming festivals. Not just jambands either.
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Damnit, there it is: Anti Pop
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Blues Fest (sorry, you just missed it)

I'm also looking for a link to the Chunky River Blues Festival in Chunky, MS.
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The Leaf Fesitval
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I always enjoy Comfest here in Columbus. It's billed as, "arguably the largest free,
non-corporate urban music and arts festival in the US." Three full days of bands on six stages. And there'll be beer.
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juggler: LEAF stands for lake eden arts festival, so "leaf festival" is redundant. Tourist ;)
Leaf is great, and I second the recommendation.
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Here is a festival guide.
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Evolve is fun. Over for this year though.
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King Biscuit Festival
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Sounds like Mid Point Music Festival might be what you're looking for.
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Audioscope - happening in Oxford next month, is always awesome. And it's for charity.
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Magnolia/Spring Fest...

Magnolia Music & Events
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Sorry, those festivals are mostly folk acts, but they do have some edgy groups.
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I second MACRock. The town is small and it's a very doable festival in an inexpensive city.

I went to JMU (in the town where the thing is held) and I never went once. Now I'm here in Chicago and paying $$ to see all those artists (like Of Montreal) at local clubs...when I could've seen them for next to nothing in Harrisonburg, VA.
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The International Pop Overthrow. I've been to a couple of shows from each of the last two Chicago festivals, and it's been much fun.
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I know a few people who've gone to Reggae on the River, but I hear it's over. [brain-deadening drumloop on that link]
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Cleveland Music Festival.

Or, if you're open to jazz try the Tri-C Jazz Fest.
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Response by poster: You guys rock! Thanks, everyone!
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