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I have an iPad Mini and want to use it to wireframe a project idea while on vacation but am overwhelmed by choices. What should I get? I'm familiar w omnigraffle etc but simplest is best. And I'd probably want to save to PDF and make notes on it.
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Skitch? I like how simple it is. (I haven't tried the mobile version though)
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If you are wireframing a web or mobile project, I recommend getting Keynote and the Keynote Kung-Fu Wireframe Toolkit. I use it on my iPad while I commute.
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Response by poster: Yes it's a mobile project
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Invision is my company's current demo/wireframe app of choice.
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Balsamiq is an adobe air app that is easy to use
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I use Paper for sketching wireframes. The line-smoothing, magnification loupe and various tools you can get as in-app purchases make it perfect for working out ideas when I don't need the full detail of Omnigraffle. I've found it invaluable for making the big decisions about layout and quickly working on a number of ideas before I get to the stage of dragging boxes and stencil shapes around to be a massive timesaver (and it saves me a lot of paper).

If you're dealing with clients directly, it can be a marvellous tool for quickly showing them an idea and getting approval to develop it. You need a decent stylus to work with it though - I'd recommend the Cosmonaut or the Adonit Jot Pro.

I will try out the mobile version of Omnigraffle eventually, but I have a feeling its limitations vs the desktop version would just get on my nerves and it wouldn't give me a whole lot more than sketching with Paper does.
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