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So, uh, how does a late 20's professional dude score pot in a pretty straightlaced city?

I'm in this weird situation where nearly all my close friends - seriously, I'm talking about 8 people here - either have left or are leaving my very transient city this summer. Among them is my longtime weed hookup.

This is the first time since college that I haven't had a consistent hookup, and I'm finding it pretty tough to think of potential avenues here. I work a buttoned-down corporate job and I don't really run in any musical/artistic circles anymore.

I'm really at a loss here, besides just letting my friend network grow organically again. Anyone else have any thoughts?
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It would help to know what city you're in. Your profile says DC, is that still correct?
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I don't even smoke the stuff (much) but I get this question a lot because I wear birkenstocks. A lot of this will depend on how legal it is where you are. Things that have worked for me...

- college kids
- MeFites
- defense lawyers
- folks at outdoor jam band concerts
- anyone in a tie-dye

I'm sort of being tongue-in-cheek here but really yeah the best thing to do is just organically expand your circle and/or get one more re-up from your hookup and set yourself a goal of finding a new source. Craigslist sometimes has options but this is not an avenue I would take. That said if you knew someone who knew a good delivery service, that's the best way to go about this sort of thing if you're in a large metro area.
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Get friends with musicians, and Art History majors. The stuff is so close being legal it's like trying to get beer when you are six months shy of 21.

Don't ask in professional circles, and don't be weird about it. Your new guy is going to be dealing just enough to smoke for free and make a few bucks a throw, you know? So if you come recommended, and have enough self-discipline to just get whatever you need for the week or month, and not be ringing up over dime bags every night, you'll have a new friend you will see often, sometimes, for decades.

Or so I've heard once in an amusing anectdote.
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seconding planetesimal. if your hookup is dealing with a wholesaler you may not want to go down that path, but it can't hurt to ask.

"Hey Bob, any chance of an intro to your guy? Does he retail?"
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Response by poster: Hi - yep, I am in DC.
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Do your other 7 friends smoke weed? Can you ask them to recommend a hook up who they can introduce you to before they leave town?
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MeFi meetup?
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Isn't this what bitcoins are for?
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