NashvilleFilter: Help me reconnect with my family in Nashville, TN.
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NashvilleFilter: Help me reconnect with my family in Nashville, TN.

I'm currently deployed to Iraq with the Tennessee Army National Guard, and we're coming home soon. I've been away from my family since June 2004, and it promises to be a bit of a shock to everyone when I come home, especially my 4 1/2 and 7 year old daughters (the 9-month-old won't even notice I was ever gone.) I'm looking for input on things to do and see within 30 minutes of downtown Nashville that I can take them to for what we call "Daddy Time," with the goal being (1) the creation of happy memories, (2) an opportunity to reconnect, and (3) give poor mommy an extremely well-deserved rest. I intend to spend some time with them together as well as one on one, and I have about ... let's call it 30 days before I have to return to my civilian job. Oh, and I expect I'll be taking the baby once or twice so that mommy is completely alone. She'll be delighted, I'm sure. :D

Overnight is possible, as is longer travel for particularly worthy destinations. Thanks in advance!
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MeFite Brittney runs Nashville Is Talking and Sparkwood & 21. She might be a good resource for you; I'm not sure how much she looks at the green these days, but you might want to drop her a line.
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my husband and I came up with a couple of things our family enjoys:

a canoe trip down the narrows of the Harpeth

a visit to Cheekwood (I'm not sure what is going on there right now, but they usually have something going on in the gardens geared toward children, and it is always wonderful when they do...)

and, trust me on this, a trip to krispy kreme to see how they make the donuts; and to eat a few, of course...

good luck and enjoy being home again!
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Titans game.

Adventure Science Center.

The Parthenon (be sure and take bread for the ducks).

For an overnight, take them down to the Cumberland Plateau for a camping trip.
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Oh, and PS, the Parthenon would probably be one of those things you could do with the baby too. I'm sure the kids will not get the whole significance of what they are seeing, but it's big and cool for a bit and then there are the duck ponds, with TONS of little duckies to throw bread at (just buy a cheap loaf before you go). This will definitely buy mom a good hour or two of time off.
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The zoo is pretty nice. It has a great playground that your older kids will surely enjoy, and the baby would probably get a kick out of looking at the fish and turtles in the little aquarium.

Radnor Lake is a beautiful place to go for a (easy) hike -- lots of deer and other wildlife to be seen there. It might be a little much for your younger kids, but the 7-year-old would certainly enjoy it.

The library downtown has a great children's section. The story hours and other productions are always very, very good (probably most appropriate for your 4-year-old) -- I'd highly recommend you check them out.

The Frist Center has an area where you can create your own art, with surprisingly nice materials.

That's just a quick list off the top of my head -- I think you'll find plenty of fun things to do once you get home. Have fun!
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All these links are to Google maps.

Laser Quest was fun as a kid, and might be good for your 7-year-old.

The Dragon Park, also known as Fannie Mae Dees Park has a great playground for younger kids, and LOTS of stuff for handicapped children, just in case that's important. There are some big dragons to climb on. All of your kids will have great fun here, I'm sure. There are picnic tables and whatnot, too.

Melrose Lanes was always my favorite bowling alley, and definitely the most wholesome I've been to in Nashville. Again, probably more for your 7-year-old if any.

I wish I could remember more about what I did as a little kid in Nashville. My teenage years seem to be the only clear ones, though, and I don't think you'll want to take your kids out drinking with my friends. Anyhow, out of the above, Dragon Park was always great, and it's definitely a place to reconnect. It's near Hillsboro Village, too, so there's a Baskin Robbins for ice cream, some restaurants for food, etc...

Oh! I almost forgot. I think they're up to 3 nights a week now, but Pizza Perfect has live jazz. Sunday, Thursday, and one other night, I think. Free too, and the pizza's amazing. I think all the Mr. Gatti's have closed down now, but if you can find one... oh man, I used to love that place.
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I'ev got Nashvillians giving you the scoop on interesting, fun and sometimes free things to do in Music City. Hope this helps!
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Thanks, all, these are fabulous. *starts making list*
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