what should i line my kitchen cabinets with?
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I started moving into my apartment last night and found they had painted the insides of all the cabinets and drawers with brown matte paint. It feels gross and I know will be a pain to clean. So what should I line them with?

My mother has always used some kind of adhesive liner in her cabinets but I don't want to have a bunch of sticky residue to clean up when I eventually move out. What do you think I could use that would stay in place but not be a total pain to remove? Any suggestions on where to buy as well are appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: They make awesome new shelf liner, it's not sticky and it's super easy to cut and use, it's sort of rubbery.

ConTac makes it, it comes in simple colors and it's at Wal-Mart or Target or any hardware, houseware or variety store.
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Foam shelf liner.
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At one point in time, I had a bunch of bar mats at my disposal, that ended up just about everywhere. It was pretty fantastic to just wash dishes (especially glasses) and just put them away wet, letting them dry on the bar mats inside the cabinets.

But yeah, Contac is where it's at.
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I was about to say something along the lines of "the contact paper they have these days is not your mom's contact paper" but then I read your [more inside] and...well...yeah.

The liners they make these days are way, way less sticky than they used to be and actually come in a lot of neat designs and colors.

I've used that foam liner stuff and don't really like it all that much (tippy things like wine glasses don't stand very well) but maybe it will work for you.

Also, and this is just me, I would just leave it there when I moved out. Do a nice job putting it in and you'll leave it a nicer space for the next guy. Way better than the poop smear color you're working with now.
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I like Lifeliner. Easier to clean than the grippy foam type of liner. I've had it in my cabinets for years now and it holds up great.
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You can always paint the insides of the cabinets white. This will make them brighter and easier to use, also, and you can use glossy paint that will be easier to clean.
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If at all possible, repaint your cabinets. You'll be so much happier. At minimum, use white EZliner.
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I have lined my cabinets with ConTac paper, where I DIDN'T remove the adhesive. I think I was unsure whether I really wanted to put it down, so I tried it out on a few shelves and it did just find staying put etc. being unattached. So I just continued that way. I was always really bad at getting that stuff stuck on nicely.

I have also used brown paper, like from a roll. I think it was a leftover from my lab, but you can probably buy them at art supply places? You can't really wipe down the paper, but you can just toss it once a year (which honestly is the most often I ever get to wiping down my cabinets....)
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My Mom used wallpaper that did not come preglued. The front edge would get rolled once and then held with flat thumbtacks.
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