Where can my wife go to be given injections in the Houston area?
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My wife will be traveling in a couple of weeks to Houston, and will also be on a series of injections for IVF at the same time. Unfortunately she is unable to do the injection herself (physically and mentally) so will need someone to administer the shots.

We're trying to avoid me having to take off of work for a week just to give her shots, but so far we haven't gotten much information:

- Searching the internet mostly turns up diabetes or shots for traveling internationally
- Called the hotel, and they had no idea
- Called the Dial-A-Nurse program for her health insurance, and they didn't have any ideas.
- Spoke with her normal doctor, and they would/could not recommend an easier spot for her to get the shot (It's a 22g intramuscular that needs to go in the buttocks)

Any ideas?
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Surely her doctors can recommend another fertility practice in her destination city which will administer the injections (for a price)? I'd imagine that you'd get a much more positive response if the doctor's office called to arrange it. If the office staff balks at handling this for you/her, leave a message for the doctor to return your call- infertility treatments are a lucrative business and I'm sure s/he wouldn't want to lose your business.
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Nurse practitioner?
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What about a Walgreens/CVS minute clinic type place?
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Call a home healthcare agency in Houston. They can send out a nurse or a NP to her hotel each morning, who will give your wife her shot each day. They will charge you a flat, minimum 1-hour fee per day.
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Response by poster: PorcineWithMe - Yeah, one of our standing issues with the fertility people is that they seem frankly shocked and offended that my wife is working while this is all going on.

Ms. Vegetable - Forgot to mention that one, no, we couldn't find one of those that would do it.

Hmm, raisingsand & DarlingBri, I'll look at the home healthcare idea, thanks!
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Does Houston have a Visiting Nurse Service? Maybe a Planned Parenthood that would work with her? Women's clinics?
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Try calling Planned Parenthood. Main number for Gulf Coast Region PP: 713.522.6363 They have seven clinics in the Houston area. I would think they could help, or refer to someone who can. Failing that, MeMail me, I have some connections in healthcare in another part of the state who may be able to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, they have your standard doc in the box type places all over TX, so I assume they would have some in Houston. Search for minor emergency clinic.
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2nding minor emergency clinic. Honestly if you just show up and explain it to a woman at the clinic, I bet one of the nurses or doctors would do it for free. It will take like <15 seconds and giving an injection is mind-numbingly routine for them.
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Might want to consider having her call her EAP, too. If they offer a concierge-type service, they may be able to find someone. You may also have some luck hiring a Houston-based concierge service, as they'll know who's available locally. A local concierge service will certainly be cheaper than you taking a week off of work and traveling.
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Try a Houston area nursing or medical school. Look for a contact on their website for the president or head of whatever sort of student association etc they have, email them and ask them to forward the request to the student email list.
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I don't think anyone who doesn't have a professional (or personal, for that matter) relationship with your wife is going to give her an injection. The liability risks are too damn high. I'm more than capable of giving an IM injection but I would never do it to someone who wasn't as close to me as family OR someone who was "officially" my patient. Visiting nurse sounds like your best option.
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Second telegraph

You have to remember, the person giving the injection is libel for any problems arising from the injection. How would the person giving the injection know for sure what is in the syringe?
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Call fertility clinics in the area she is traveling to, to see if they would be willing to work with her, contingent on having the fertility meds shipped directly to their office. The clinic should receive them sealed, which would reassure them that it is not something that your wife has tampered with.

She should have copies of her records and prescriptions forwarded to the clinic beforehand, so they know they are following her prescribed plan. I would guess that she may also need to sign some sort of contract with them. You may need to as well.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for your help, I believe we've just decided that I should fly down there with her. A bit silly, but it seems like the most comfortable solution for my wife.

But to address telegraph's point, I specifically was looking for a professional relationship for this. I did not mean for it to seem like I was wondering if some Mefite could just swing by and give her a shot! :-D
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