How can I make calls that show my business name on the caller ID?
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I've just started a small business that involves some calling to get new clients. I have an 800 number via an online voicemail system for which I pay a small monthly fee. I realize now that what I want to do is be able to call people and have my 800 number and/or biz ID name show up on the caller ID. I have a good quality land line, a personal one for our house. Is there a way for me to dial a service which forwards my call as if coming from an 800 number and also gives call forwarding and voicemail service?

I'm thinking perhaps a VOIP service could give me this option. I've just closed a VOIP account (VOIPO) because the call quality had degraded when we switched to a new DSL service. So, using a VOIP account for this seems out of the question.

So, to summarize. I have a residential land line for my home. Is there a service available where I can call into it, then place a call so that it seems to be coming from an 800 number with biz name on the caller ID, plus also have voicemail functions and call forwarding?
posted by diode to Technology (1 answer total) 1 user marked this as a favorite will do this for you. If you want to do it without software you'll need to buy at least one regular phone number and assign it as a DISA. Then you can put whatever you want into the Caller ID fields.

You can do pretty much anything you want, it's dirt cheap.
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