Best way to store a house full of stuff while we're between homes?
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We're in the process of moving across town. We sold our house and close on it mid July, but we don't close on the new place until the end of that month. This leaves us 'homeless' for two weeks. My family will be staying with my parents for that time, no big deal. The question is what to do with all of our stuff? What's the best way to store a house full of stuff for a short time?

The mover we contacted wanted $2000 for the move, which they viewed as two moves - one to their storage facility, then again to the new place. We've also considered PODS and renting a U-Haul for two weeks. Of course, those options don't come with labor, and we'd prefer to have someone help us pack and move the furniture.

Any tips or suggestions?
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Just for your peace of mind, the movers are correct, you are not being scammed etc.

I've found that PODs or a similar product is your best bet, and some of these companies will have labor available to pack and load. Take a look here, for instance: PODS Professional Packing Help.

Also, you can just hire a local mover to pack the PODs.
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1. hire movers (off craigslist? legit movers? your call) to pack the POD
2. Now everything is in the POD
3. Have the POD people move the POD to your new home when you are able to move in
4. hire movers to unload the POD
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Best answer: Another option, if you like the full service thing is to have the movers load your stuff into a crate in their truck. Then store it for you for two weeks, then deliver after the closing.

I've done this and it's the easiest way. It's pricier, but cheaper than loading and unloading into a storage unit (and MUCH less hassle)

Also, buy their insurance and it's all on them if anything is damaged.

I've used this with Bekins, but all the national name movers have it.
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Depending on your climate, ask your movers if their storage facility is climate controlled. You do not want to store all of your stuff in a metal box in a Louisiana summer. Ask if you can inspect the rental unit. Look for mouse droppings, as mice will eat your couch. Do not store any food. Period. It will attract mice that will eat your couch.
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Ask the buyers if you can shift the move-in date, and if not, can you leave stuff in a pod at the old house.
Ask the sellers if they can shift the move-in date, and if not, can you move stuff in a pod to the new house.
What would it cost to rent the trailer part of a tractor-trailer for 2 weeks?
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My friends solution to this twice was to go to the local storage unit place and rent one of the biggest storage units they had.

They had a 1st month is $1 deal going(I've also seen first month is $20, or first two, whatever) if you set up autopay. She just cancelled after the first 29 days or something. Got the final bill and it was like $17 or something because of fees, but still woah.

Id check every local storage unit place that isn't part of the same chain and see what deals they have going. You'll still have to move in and out of the place, but that cuts down the 2 weeks of storage. And it seems like most places really try to ream you for that since they know people are desperate in situations like this.
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Look in to rent back from new owners ar your current home at fair market rental price for 2 weeks.
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