Where to browse publication layouts?
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The weekly university newspaper I work for is aiming to launch a print / web re-design in a few months. We're meeting next week to go over possible design elements, and we've been encouraged to contribute anything we like to the design casserole.

So far I've taken to keeping my eyes open and looking up publications on the internet, but this is proving to be less fruitful than I imagined. My biggest hurdle lies in finding web-accessible versions of various publications' print issues.

Is there some sort of repository for stuff like this? I'm interested in whatever exists, and I'm hoping to see what changes various news publications have been making more recently, given the state of print journalism these days.

Better yet, are there publications out there (academic or otherwise) that focus on these areas? I have access to our university library's collection of databases, so I can use those to pursue recommendations. But really, I'm interested in whatever you've got. Thanks!
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The Newseum collects hundreds of newspapers' front pages on a daily basis.
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A bit random but Toronto's The Grid weekly has killer & very contemporary design work.
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Definitely look into The Society for News Design. Otherwise, just Google for key words. For instance "awesome print page layouts" yields a bunch of sweet goodness. Awesome web layouts would probably yield something similar.
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On the web site: SND's good. Nieman Lab occasionally writes about design. Likewise Poynter.

On the print side:

News Page Designer has user-curated portfolios of work. I haven't used the site in years; they switched platforms at least once since. I don't know what the quality or activity is, but there are pages uploaded from today, so.

Charles Apple's blog is a good place for general news design commentary. He's got a category for redesigns as well, usually with before-and-after pages and comments on how successful the redesign was. You should submit your paper's redesign to him when you're done.

Good luck!
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You can search Fonts in Use for "news" and "newspaper."

They have some very nice examples, like this and this.

This Smashing Magazine article explains the design elements in award-winning print newspapers.
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Best answer: Hi all, just popping in to say that these are all great answers, and they helped a ton. Many thanks!
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