Best USB gamepad that works with Linux?
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I'm building a video game emulation machine. What would be the best USB gamepad I could buy that would work with Linux? I don't have anything newer than Genesis/SNES games, so it only really needs six face buttons and two shoulder buttons. I really (really) liked the Xbox 360 controllers when I tried them at E3, but I don't want to wait until they're available. I also like the X-Arcade, but I don't think I could excuse the pricetag.
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I have two logitech Dual Action joypads for my pc. They work great with Mame. Sturdy units, but they have only 4 buttons on the face.
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Logitech generally makes good controllers. Consider going for wireless controllers; it's surprising how much nicer they are.
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How to get your Xbox pad working under Linux.

SmartJoy X adaptor.

You'd have to put up with the rubbishy start/back and black/white buttons on the xbox pad, but the d-pad's pretty good and it's pretty comfortable.

Alternatively, Sega have remakes of the classic Saturn pad for PCs, but they don't specify Linux. Probably work with generic drivers, though, if such things exist for Linux.
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I use standard Playstation controllers with a USB adapter for all emulation (available here). You can also get SNES to USB adapters (available here). Can't vouch for Linux compatibility though.
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Any USB gamepad should work fine in Linux as an input device (they all speak the same USB HID protocol).

Vibration isn't likely to work at all (Linux's force feedback support is weak to begin with, and that tends to be a proprietary undocumented protocol on most devices anyway), but you don't need that for what you're emulating.

Logitech makes a number of gamepads, all of which should work fine for your purposes. I personally have a Rumblepad 2, which is basically a PlayStation DualShock knock-off.

The Precision Gamepad 2 is probably exactly what you want -- it's basically a knock-off of the original PlayStation controller (D-pad, four thumb buttons, four shoulder buttons, and two central buttons). And, at $10, if it doesn't work for you, you haven't wasted too much money.
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I had good experience with Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad. Worked also in Linux.

Couldn't find it on Logitech website, maybe it's not sold anymore.
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I have 4 Logitech Dual Action; they are good for me and the games I play. Yeah, they only have 4 buttons on the face, so there may be a bit of a config problem when playing n64 and psx games, but everything else is great. YMMV.
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Get the PS2 USB adapter. Its by far the best way to go -- though I don't know about Linux support.
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Gravis Gamepad
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