I just made knitted/crocheted leggings. How do I hold them up?
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I have found other questions here about garter belts and garters, but those probably apply more to the flimsy-ass tights material than what I'm talking about. Yarnie folks who have done this, let me know what you'd recommend!

I am making a few pairs of knitted and crocheted leggings (fishnet-ish style), but those are pretty thick-ish compared to the usual material that is being held up by little garter belts. I'm using size 2 yarn. What would work best for holding them up? I'm looking at Sock Dreams's selection right now and wondering what's the most secure. Would garters do it? Do I need to get a full on belt? Can I get away with just clips? How do you do this, exactly? Or is there some other online company you'd recommend to go with?
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Garters or clips, depending on whether you're wearing something that the clips can attach to at the other end. It sort of hinges on whether you're comfortable having a garter squeeze your thigh, and whether your leggings will be deformed by the clips attaching at just a few points. If the leggings will stretch much, you will need more clips to keep them even.
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I've not knitted my own (yet!) but I do wear stockings on a regular basis and I'd always go for a belt, just for piece of mind. The knitted material is going to be heavy (definitely more than my stockings) and have some stretch through wear, so something that can cope with the weight and be adjusted like a belt would be ideal, especially if you're going to be moving a lot while wearing.

I can't vouch for either of the two belts you linked to but they look fairly sturdy. I actually prefer a six clip belt but ymmv. Also, if you've not worn a belt regularly before, here is my top tip! Wear your underwear over the clipped on belt if possible as there is very little more painful than trying to do your back clips back up in a tiny cubicle. I've banged a lot of elbows.

Ps. The ones in your photo look fab! :D
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Those are really cool! I've used sock garters for knitted socks a few times, but they all were intended to be worn just below the knee and your stockings look to be above the knee. They look like they'd need something more like a full on belt- I'm thinking about how much the the stockings would be pulling on the clips in order to keep the stockings taut (to keep the openwork pattern looking nice) and I think that would pull your panties/knickers down if you just used the clips! The ones you linked to at Sock Dreams are intended to hold up stockings like the ones you've made; they look more functional than flimsy lingerie-type belts.

Thigh garters could be an option but I find having something constricting mid-thigh really uncomfortable. My vote for a secure hold that keeps the fishnet looking nice would be the belt.
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I own a few pairs of sock garters from Sock Dreams (I'm looking at their site now, and they don't seem to sell the same style; I got these years ago when Sock Dreams was almost brand new. They're simple elasticized bands with buttons and buttonholes.), and they work on the really huge thick thigh high socks Sock Dreams sells. But I also have relatively thin thighs and a sort of natural catching point where, well, my butt stops and my thigh begins.

This is a matter of personal comfort and how your thighs and hips are shaped and how you want to look and feel. Some people find garter belts to be the most comfortable. (Protip: undies go on over the belt.) That way you don't have any bands squeezing your thighs. But also this depends on the distance between the top of your leggings and your hips.

Those leggings have pretty big holes, so they'll be pretty stretchy, so you'd have to use more clips to keep them even, if that's what you want them to do. But also a simple wrap-around garter can hold a lot more steadily if you're folding the top of your stocking over, like a cuff, and it doesn't seem like that would be desirable for those leggings.

I do love Sock Dreams and they don't lie about their products. They've also been quite communicative to me in the past about weird, specific questions I had. So you should totally email them with this question and they'll have recommendations for you!
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Sock Glue!
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Some other options, which may or may not float your boat:

- knit/crochet the top with elastic thread/yarn. You use it along with whatever yarn you're using.
- knit/crochet the entire stocking with elastic yarn - it is part of the fiber content of some sock yarns
- the top can be ribbed, like mitten cuffs. This one might mess up the look you're going for, though.
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I've got those double-grip clips from Sock Dreams and they're very good and would probably work fine -- if you don't need them to stretch very far (if the leggings go most of the way up your thighs). I attach them to the side seams of my dress shirts, but they'd clip to pretty much anything you want.

You might consider a quick matching crocheted belt with tabs to attach the clips to (or potentially a button or tie at the end of the tab that would go in one of the fishnet loops of the stockings.)
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