Help me find my hard drive
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I have an iMac running OSX 10.7.5, and a few days ago my hard drive went missing from the Finder.

It's an aluminum iMac (circa late 2007). I think the culprit is an Apple update that I ran about four days ago. Well, two days ago I noticed that my hard drive, labeled "Leopard", doesn't show up in my Finder windows nor in Disk Utilities. I backed up my hard drive four days ago with SuperDuper!, but now I can't get SuperDuper! to recognize my hard drive as the "from" drive to copy.

It's just gone, though it's obviously there, else it wouldn't boot up. I should add that I've been having some crash issues lately; the computer hangs and I have had to do a hard reboot a few times. But it's always Firefox-related and I have just assumed that FF was the culprit.

I can't find any solution online, but I'm not sure where to look. Any ideas? thanks all
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In Finder --> Preferences you should be able select the items that show up in the Finder sidebar or the desktop, including hard drives. There's a screenshot of the preference window here. Maybe make sure it wasn't accidentally unchecked?
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Suggest you do as Bluecore suggests.
Failing that, check this thread:
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Thanks but no, the Finder preferences have "hard disks" checked. Must be something else.
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Tried Disk Warrior. It recognizes the external drive and the CD drive but not the hard drive. Same with several other programs--the hard drive seems to have disappeared.
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There are multiple suggestions in that thread. Did you try the AppleScript solution, etc.?
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Sorry, should've mentioned I did look into that thread, and there's a link posted there a few comments in toward a solution but it just takes me to the apple homepage. Other things on that thread don't seem to work, either.
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How much free space do you have on the internal drive? If very little, free some up.
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Ok, figured it out. I feel like such a n00b. Hard drive is dead as a doornail; my iMac is running via my external drive. The external is my hard drive. Next step, replacing my hard drive, yay!

Thanks everyone for your input.
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