Workflow for moving photos from iPhoto/Lightroom to Flickr.
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I am moving overseas and would like to backup my 80gb of photos, which are stored in iPhoto '11 and Adobe Lightroom 3, to my Flickr account, which now has a terabyte of storage. I'm looking for an automated workflow if possible.

The normal Flickr plugin for Iphoto can't handle lots of photos at once. I'm trying to figure out a workflow.

Should I export the photos to an external drive, and then upload them to Flickr? I'm hoping for a method that will let me upload them en masse and come back in 12 hours and be done. I also believe in unicorns.
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Best answer: Does the official downloadable flickr uploader not do what you need? You'll have to have the photos exported.
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Best answer: The uploader that's built in to Lightroom should do this fine. Set it up with your account if you haven't already, then select what you want from your collection view and drag it on to the little Flickr icon. When you select your Flickr collection from the list on the left-hand side, there's a "Publish" option. Press button, receive (metaphorical) bacon.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the Lightroom tip. It appears to be working--there are about 11,000 Lightroom photos and about 34 gb of Iphoto pictures. The flickr uploader choked and stalled when I tried to upload many photos en masse.
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Response by poster: I'm thinking I might import the iphoto pics into lightroom and transfer them from that app. Wish I had thought of that before I started uploading my current lightroom collection.
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Response by poster: Flickr uploader does not allow one to "select all" and then upload. I wish Flickr had FTP.

Flickr's embedded uploading only allows 200 images at a time. Uploading 7,000+ is going to be tedious.
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Did this work out?
I have a similar issue, wanting to get 10s of GB of pics up to Flickr. I have tried Flickrsync, but it is a bit skethcy and development looks stalled.
I'll give Lightroom a shot if it works.
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Response by poster: I am going to ask at the DPreview forums and post the results here.
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