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Are there ways to "cross" or "join" data results in Google Analytics? Just as a for instance, I have a list of Referrals and a list of audience Location demographics. Is there a way to join those two lists, so that I know where site referrals are visiting from? (Generally, are there resources which list "pro tips" for getting the most out of Analytics?)
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You can accomplish this by using a custom report. Just select the 'source' and 'country' dimensions and go to town.
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Similarly, on the standard reporting tab you can use the Secondary Dimension. E.g. Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Referrals from the left hand menu and then Country/Territory from the Secondary Dimension drop down which is between the main graph and the tabular data in the main section. Then increase row numbers from the bottom of the right hand side to suit.

I think you can reverse it too, eg, Audience -> Demographics -> location from the left hand menu etc.
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