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Where can I find either quality empty settings in silver or 8mm and 6mm cut slabs of Amethyst larger than 9 square inches in area; the latter preferably from the Four Peaks Mine in Arizona, USA?

My SO (MuChao) wants a hand-fasting; I want to make our rings beforehand from some of the beautiful 'Deep Amethyst' from the Four Peaks mine in Arizona.

The original idea was to carve rings from solid stone, but would consider getting a nice setting and putting smaller chunks in said setting. We had also chosen a stone (purpurite) which we both loved; but, in the end, it proved quite brittle when coring out the center hole to the proper size.

I could use the stone I have if I end up going the setting route, but would love to find the cut slabs for making one piece stone rings. I do have access to the proper lapidary tools to so what I want.
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Best answer: This website lists amethyst from the Four Peaks Mine at $10/ounce:

No idea if it's a reputable vendor. Maybe they can steer you in the right direction, even if they don't quite have what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: It took some time for responses to return to me; but I was able to find decent stones via the linked website and even found the exact coring bits I needed. I was not, however, able to get the slabs of amethyst I desired. Still planning to make the rings myself, regardless.
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