What is there fun to do in Denver?
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My old college roommate and I are taking a road trip out to Denver next week because he hasn't seen it and he wants to go. I've been to Denver on and off, but I don't know what there really is fun to do in the city and surrounding area, other than what's on wikipedia. Does anyone have any personal experience on cool things to do on a one week trip?
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Well, what are you and the roommate into? Music, nature, museums, rabble-rousing? I always try to take a trip to Garden of the Gods park - it's GORGEOUS, like being on Mars.
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Response by poster: Well, we're both mid/late 20s straight guys. Not so much into clubbing, but outdoorsy or touristy things would be cool.
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I am also visiting Denver this summer. Here are two previous Asks about Denver, one of them mine.

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I'd head toward the mountains. If you drive up the turnpike to Boulder, you can see the Flatirons and go up Flagstaff Mountain and walk around on the trails. Red Rocks Ampitheater is a signature Denver attraction in Morrison, out west of the city, with a beautiful surrounding park to match. Maybe hit The Fort, also in Morrison, to enjoy some "Food and Drink of the Early West."
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The Molly Brown house.
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When I lived in Denver, we would take people to Georgetown. It's a small mining town and it has a train trip through the Rockies to tour gold and silver mines.

You could also go to Estes Park and visit the Stanley Hotel-- the hotel that inspired The Shining by Stephen King.

If you go past Estes Park, you can pick up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. It's the highest continuous paved road in the U.S.
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Coors Tour!! It is about 20 minutes outside of Denver in Golden, CO. Very cool brewery, and three free beers at the end!
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My mother's family is from Denver/Golden and this was always a highlight from our trips as kids. We went back a few years ago and it still holds up. Campy, kitschy and still fun for this big kid.
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If you like beer, Fort Collins has some great breweries. It's a fun place to visit even if you don't like beer.
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Eldorado Canyon, south of Boulder, has some of the best rock climbing in the USA.

Good place to take a balloon or sailplane ride, too.

Birdwatching is great out there, believe it or not.

Denver had some great bookstores when I lived there a century ago. Boulder is more like what most people THINK Denver is like. Wear sunscreen.
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Mt. Evans is a cool drive a couple hours west of Denver off of I-70. You can drive up to 14,000'. I have seen mountain goats and big horn sheep up there. It is by Idaho Springs and you pass Golden to get there, so lots of different opportunities for other activities.
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I loved the Denver Art Museum. I've also heard that the History Colorado Center is good.

If you like booze, visit the Rackhouse Pub (order Stranahan's), the Great Divide brewery (order the Fresh Hop IPA if they have it), and Falling Rock Taphouse (order just about anything, they have a huge beer menu). Also, drive down to Aurora and visit Dry Dock Brewing Co.
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Response by poster: Quick side question: what is the state of marijuana law in Colorado now? I know they passed some stuff but I don't know the ins and outs or when it takes effect.
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Pot availability for regular folks won't take effect until 2014. Currently you can buy "medical marijuana" but only if you have a certificate from a doctor stating that you have one of a permitted list of conditions/illnesses. (It's a very short list. See here.)
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Denver museum of natural history
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Take a day trip to Leadville and see the Baby Doe cabin (the walls are still papered with issues of the Denver Post from the months before she died) and Matchless Mine.
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Beer brewery tours. Lots of them. All good. New Belgium is north of Denver but well worth it if you're into that sort of thing.

And... Casa Bonita is real? I thought that was a South Park fantasy place for Cartman to go wild for/in. Surreal.
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