Trans-feminist bloggers in the vein of Natalie Reed?
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I need more sources for smart, trans-aware intersectional feminism.

Natalie Reed is a tremendously insightful trans-feminist blogger. She blogged regularly at Freethought Blogs until she left for internal political reasons. Sometime in the last week or two, they removed her archived posts (which she warned would happen, but after a few weeks I had irrationally hoped it wouldn't), so I can't link you to wonderful pieces like "The Null Hypothecis" and "Disgusting" without using Google's cache, which sucks. I've linked to her posts in discussions on MeFi and elsewhere, including her two "Myths and Misconceptions" articles. She still Tweets, but she isn't writing longform anywhere public that I can see.

Are there other writers out there doing this kind of thing regularly? I would really love to broaden my base of stuff like this, and I didn't realize how much I relied on this one author until she moved on. I already follow Zinnia Jones, but she hasn't been posting much lately.
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Response by poster: Oh, also (forgive me, I'm new at this): previously, on MetaFilter.
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Monica Roberts' TransGriot is very good at holding the trans community responsible for racist issues, and very good for general news and thoughts. She updates quite frequently, too.

prettyqueer is a group blog with lots of interesting, high-powered trans and queer-related articles.

Bilerico is another group blog that has a more general feminist focus, with some trans-related articles. They aren't always very clueful about trans issues, however.

Questioning Transphobia hasn't been updated in a long time but has vast amounts of wisdom.

The Transadvocate is another group blog that includes posts by Monica Roberts and many others. I don't read it very often because its javascript doesn't play nice with my browser.

Taking Up Too Much Space hasn't had a new article in a few years. However, I am increasingly finding "Beyond Inclusion", one of the articles there, to be the most important single writing about trans issues.
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CN Lester's blog is worth reading, especially the recent series of posts, 21 questions on trans issues answered.
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Janet Mock's Blog is also a good resource. She started the #girlslikeus space on Twitter and is quite active. Posts may be a bit slow at the moment because she's finishing the final edits on her book.
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I would add Keep Your Bridges Burning by Imogen Binnie which is more or less split between insightful articles on gender and trans* issues and the other half is punk rock diary.
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