Historical border wait times for Sarnia?
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I will be crossing the Blue Water Bridge border crossing at Sarnia-Port Huron the Friday evening starting the July long weekend. Anyone know how much of a wait to expect going into the States? Alternatively, is there a place where I can search historical (not current) border wait times?

I am fairly experienced at crossing the Canadian-U.S. border, and I have done the Sarnia crossing a number of times.

Firstly, how long of a wait should I expect?

Secondly, I would be hitting the border at 6:30 at the earliest, or I can stretch that out by a couple hours at most. Any theories as to which time would be better, earlier or later? Is there a crowd I would have to beat or wait to let pass?

Thirdly, I have not been able to find a listing of historical border crossing times, only current ones. Anyone know if such a thing exists?

I know you can never know what to expect when you go over, and that long weekends are generally disasters to be avoided -- but that's not possible here. Any information and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanky thanky!
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Best answer: I've crossed at Sarnia many times over the past 15 or so years, almost always on the weekend, some holidays, some not. Sorry, but the wait time seems totally random. My longest wait was a Saturday evening before Christmas, more than two hours. But other times, I'll just sail through in under 30 minutes. The summer holidays don't seem any different than non holiday weekends, probably because both countries aren't celebrating at the same time. Sorry, I think you just have to take your chances.
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This website claims to have current and general traffic information, along with other border crossing info.

When I crossed to the U.S. last year about 6:30 PM, on a non-holiday Tuesday, there was at least a half-hour wait.
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Not the question you asked, but after a number of long waits at the bridge, my folks now always take the ferry at Sombra and find that overall it's a shorter wait and easier crossing.
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Response by poster: Thanks Kriesa -- that matches my experience at Queenston-Lewiston. It helps to know that it's the same on that end as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, ldthomps, but the ferry is out of our way enough that any time gain would be lost by the detour.
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