Vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Brooklyn/Manhattan on short notice?
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My dad and cousin are visiting tomorrow— what's a good vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Brooklyn or Manhattan where we could get a table for three around 7pm today on short notice? It should be pretty nice and quiet. Dirt Candy would be perfect, but it looks like we're too late to get a table for tonight.
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Candle Cafe in the UES is pretty good. Oh, and I guess there's one on the West side too, if you're in the area.
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Caravan of Dreams
Pure Food and Wine

Angelica Kitchen doesn't take reservations and usually has long waits for dinner; otherwise, I'd recommend it.
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Just to throw out a different angle: I love Vatan, a vegetarian Indian (Gujarati) place in the east 20s. Really delicious food, sweet original decor and very easy to have a conversation.
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Red Bamboo is my favorite.
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If by "pretty nice and quiet," you're looking for upscale vegetarian restaurants, Dovetail has 7pm for 3 people today (June 11) available on Opentable. The "vegetables" section of their menu ranges around where Dirt Candy is and they also offer a vegetarian tasting menu. (Too bad it's not a Monday, when they offer a vegetarian four-course prix fixe for $52.)

Picholine also has availability at 7pm for 3 people today and a separate dinner menu that is completely vegetarian, but may be too expensive for you.

If you can eat a little bit earlier, Scarpetta has 6pm available, and an entire separate vegetarian menu. Scarpetta's Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Basil is amazing and vegetarian; it's also one of their signature dishes.

What about Asian food? Hangawi, perhaps? Serene, zen-like atmosphere.

For nicer, upscale Indian, I'd probably choose Junoon or Tulsi. Both have 7pm for 3 available on OpenTable. The places in Curry Hill are nice, too, but some of them can get noisy.

I would also call Dirt Candy later on today to inquire about any possible cancellations. Unfortunately Blue Hill & Boulud Sud also look booked up on OpenTable, as both would have been good options. ABC Kitchen is good but loud, it is also booked up, it looks like.

If you want to go more casual (but also possibly more noisy), Serious Eats' The Vegetarian Option has a lot of possibilities.
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Red Bamboo or VP2 were the gold standard when I was a vegetarian.
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I love Buddha Bodai in Chinatown--amazing all-vegetarian (and kosher) dim sum--not upscale at all if that's what you need, though.
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Whatever else you do, you should keep an eye on the Dirt Candy Twitter feed (@dirtcandy) over the course of the day. The owner uses it to post cancellations, so last-minute openings are possible (though of course not to be relied on).
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I went to Cafe Himalaya (very south tip of Manhattan) when I visited NYC this weekend and would very highly recommend it. Both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians were very happy with the food - lots of options for both.

The food is cheap and good, although if you have large appetites, you may want to order more than one dish per person and share. Four of us split 4 dishes + a salad and two of us were satisfied but two of us wanted a bit more - but at under 10$ each, we couldn't complain too much!
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Response by poster: Ahh, okay, I sort of cheated... we ended up going to The Stanton Social, which is a mix of veg and non-veg tapas. However, I have a rain check for dinner at Blossom sometime in the near future! Thank you for all the suggestions, and especially the tip about the Dirt Candy Twitter feed. I actually almost reserved a 3 person table that night, but missed it. It's still good to know that it's an option for last-minute reservations.
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