MS Access Combo Box Fields behaving strangely.
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I'm putting together an Access database (woe is me), which includes some "multiple choice" fields, that contain a defined list of options. I've got some code that puts together a query, and generates a report. The way these fields are displayed in this report is inconsistent, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Say I have two of these multiple-choice fields in the output. I run a query, in the results the "SuitableArea" field has multiple values returned; ("Room 1", "Room 7", "Room 8"). The report puts all these results next to each other in a text box, so you can see them all. This is what I want. One page per record, with all the matched values for these multiple-choice fields reported next to each other.

Another field, "Cognition", also returns multiple results ("Confusion","Dementia","Anxiety"). The report only outputs one of these returned values on the page, and generates three report pages, one for each returned value.

When I look at the report design, the Control Source for the field that's working correctly reads "SuitableArea". The Control Source for the field that's misbehaving and splitting to multiple pages reads "Residents.Cognition.Value". This is the only thing different about this field's setup, both in the table definition, and in the query, and in the report. But I can't change it so its just "Cognition". It goes back to how it was. What's going wrong?
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Best answer: Figured it out. The Report:RecordSource had something stupid in there that pulled the weird field out separately.
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