What was I playing on?
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Okay, back in the day, I got a hand-me-down "console" of sorts. This was the early 1990's, the console looked like a computer, white metal box that was as thick as an old desktop, but had a cartridge slot (top, right) as well as a tape cartridge on the front left. The controller had a joystick and a 12 button keypad (1-9, 0, *, #). I've tried researching old consoles to see what it might have been, but I guess I can't Google right because I've never found it. What might I have been playing on?
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Best answer: Colecovision Adam.
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Best answer: Here's a picture. Sorry, I was excited--I had one growing up in the 80s and I don't hear about them often.
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seconding a coleco adam. i taught myself basic on it, spilled nail polish on the keyboard. we had a buck rogers game on cassette and fraction fever on cartridge. controller was exactly as described.
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Response by poster: That's it! I'm seriously impressed. I remember playing Donkey Kong on it, as well as some plane game on the tape cart. it was a side scroller that you could do things with...
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Best answer: Colecovision had the best Donkey Kong of all the home consoles, period.
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I loved the Donkey Kong game. I was also rather fond of Dragon's Lair, and a gallery shooting game called Carnival. I also remember a typing game that would play "Ode to Joy." We used to rent games at the corner store, before Nintendo came along.
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YES! Buck Rogers! That was my favourite.
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I played the Buck Rogers cassette on Colecovision! And a very weird Cabbage Patch Kids game (cartridge)?!!!!!
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My friend had a Coleco Adam. You would load games via its cassette tape drive. The first time I saw it, he popped in the Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom cassette. "Now do we play?" I asked him. "No." he said, "Now we go have lunch while it loads."
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