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I am looking to set up a website that sells directly to customers, but also to wholesale accounts which will require registration and verification prior to being given discounts. If anyone has any good recommendations for an API that supports this well, please let me know!

More Info:

I had been looking at Shopify, because I really like their ease of customization and stylistic options. It does not look like they have much support for this type of setup however. The wholesale accounts need to have access to a different set of products, and will need to be verified prior to activation. If I am wrong in this and Shopify can support it, that would be great! But if not, other options or advice would be greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks for the help!
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Have you checked whether Volusion can do that?
posted by Dansaman at 10:28 AM on June 5, 2013

Fortune 3 can do that. It's not the best software I've ever used, but it's usable.
posted by pyro979 at 12:01 PM on June 5, 2013

There's a wholesale app for Shopify. There are some other ways to do it on Shopify by having two stores too, if your products are completely different between the two sides.
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