A waveform? A landform? Just a lovely abstract?
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Can you help me learn more about this painting and/or the artist?

We were given this painting by one my spouse's coworkers a few years ago. We know nothing about it and would like to learn more (unfortunately we have no hints to its provenance, other than we know the ex-coworker was in the US military, so I guess it could be from anywhere!). I have done a tineye search to no avail.

It has a signature in the lower-right corner 'CARLO'.

It is about 48" x 35". I think it is oil(?) on canvas. The canvas is mounted in a wooden frame. There is nothing of the back of the canvas, but there is a number on the back part of the frame: F 13.2 - 1919 A

We're not sure what it's of, or even if it is 'of' anything, which is probably what we like about it. Guests have speculated over the years, and one suggested it was of a sound wave, which it sure looks like it could be, but makes me wonder what it is a waveform of. Any thoughts?
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Best answer: Try Googling "Carlo of Hollywood." Beyond that, I don't know anything, but it's a start.
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Best answer: Here is a similar looking Carlo of Hollywood.

The image is of a completed auction.
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Best answer: Here's a bunch more about the mysterious Carlo.
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Response by poster: That's definitely the artist(s). We will continue to enjoy pondering the subject matter. Thank you all!
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