Sites that get renters and auto insurance quotes from multiple insurers?
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I am looking for sites that can grab quotes from multiple renters and auto insurers. Its tedious to enter all the information into multiple sites. Could you recommend a few websites? At this time I am looking to get renters insurance but thought I would find out about auto as well. Thanks
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Are you in the US? I don't have a specific recommendation, but for searching purposes, what you're looking for is an insurance broker. These exist in person as well as online.

I'm not sure that shopping around for renters insurance is going to save you a lot of money though. If I recall correctly, I added it on to my auto insurance, and it was something like $50/year.
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Response by poster: Yes, I am in the US. I am looking for an online insurance broker that can get me quotes from multiple insurance companies. Can you recommend a few websites?
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Sorry that no one had a great recommendation for you. One thing that might help a little if you are using Windows is to install RoboForm, which is pretty good at auto-filling some types of forms.
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Response by poster: Grouse, thanks for your comment and robo form recommendation.
Perhaps there isn't a site like the one I am looking for. It would be great if a site could pull quotes (Auto / Rental) from Geico, All State, Esurance, progressive etc

I wonder why. Any thoughts on why we dont seem to have a site like this?
Seems like a great business idea and I am also certain many people thought of this, so I wonder why we don't already have something like this.
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According to this piece that came out today, fits your request for auto insurance.

Not sure about the renters insurance though - when I was in the market, I used the same insurer (Amica) that I had for homeowners (was in the awkward position of owning a house but needing to rent for a few years).
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Response by poster: Scooterdog: The site just links to sites like Geico, progressive etc. You still need to enter information in each site. Quite frankly I am not sure of the utility of this site.

Thanks for sharing.
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I think this doesn't really exist for renters insurance. I haven't found it, at least, and I've looked.
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