Patio furniture durability
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We are considering the purchase of a set of patio furniture made of "all weather resin wicker" aka "PE Wicker". The stuff is pricey and I have concerns as to it's durability. Do you own outdoor furniture made from this product? How long have you had it? Has it held up well? Would you buy it again? Any tips as to upkeep/maintenance?
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Best answer: We have a set of six of these "wicker" chairs that were given to us 3-4 years ago. They've been outside 24/7/365 the entire time and look completely brand new (except for being dusty, but let's just go ahead and call that my fault). This is in Southern California, so they're not subjected to freezing temps, but they absolutely bake in extremely hot temps in the summer and fall, and are sitting where they get about half a day's worth of sunlight every day. They're poolside, which means they're also subject to chlorine being splashed on them, and people in wet bathing suits sit in them, etc.

The sum total of maintenance in that time has been being hosed off. Also, if it makes a difference to you, we're using them without any upholstered cushions.

I'm glad I didn't have to pay for them myself but I love them.
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Best answer: Not sure if this is the kind you mean, but we have the kind of furniture that look like this. It's been outdoors in the SoCal sun nonstop for something like 5 years now, and it's freaking incredible. Hose off the dust and it looks new. It may be lighter in color than it was when it was brand new; I can't tell without a new one to put next to it. I was completely skeptical of the longevity claims when we bought this furniture, and now I'm just astounded how well they really last.
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