Mug shot needed
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Help me find a lightweight mug to drink my coffee out of.

I need a new coffee mug, but I need it to be as light as possible, due to a disability. My current mug is stainless steel and weighs 90 grams, so around that weight is fine. I'm not super keen on drinking from another metal mug, but I don't want something that feels cheap or plasticky either. What are my options for other materials? How it looks is not really important, but it must be durable and feel nice enough to drink out of every day.
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What about a nice tea cup? My GGGgrandma had issues and drank from a very fine bone china cup.

What amount are you drinking, liquid wise? You might be able to get by with a smaller cup, and not give up durability and lightness. I remember Corelle cups being light enough we weren't allowed to use them growing up.

When buying vintage, find out its limitations (microwave, dishwasher).

While Corelle is supposed to be "less breakable" I'd consider it still breakable and it shatters like mad.

Another thought - what about melamine? The modern ones are supposed to be more heat resistant ... I remember having some in the late 80s from Odd Lot stores that were pretty light and durable.

Amazon weights aside, you can probably look on ebay for similar items in your locale, and get the exact item weight from the seller.
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Here are some options under a quarter pound (115 g or so).
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Best answer: Enameled metal is nicer to drink from than plain metal. This one only holds 4 oz, and is not very heavy. This one holds 10 oz., and weighs 4 oz.
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Best answer: I can also vouch for the bodum glasses odinsdream posted -- I actually use the ones without a handle (the Pavina line) and because of the double-wall they don't get hot to hold. I'm not sure how much they weigh, but they're definitely super light, and good to drink out of.
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I can't find a reference for how much they weigh, but a KeepCup would be a sustainable option that will keep your coffee warm, with a lid that makes it easy to carry around.

Also, they come in snazzy colours and feel nice to hold :)
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Paper cups?
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I got a gift of coffee/tea cups from Japan, and interestingly the basic construction is paper though they are beautifully glazed. They don't microwave, but they are lovely and very light. If you are interested, memail me and I'll get the formal name and source from my giftor.
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Best answer: Snow Peak Ti camping cups, 68g for the 450ml single wall version and 144g for the larger, 600ml insulated double wall version.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The glass cups and the enamelled steel look like good leads.
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Came in to recommend Bodum double walled as well. Super lightweight and stay cool to the touch.
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