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My wife and I will be in Stockholm for a few days in June, staying with some friends in Kungsholmen before traveling the countryside with them by car. Nights we'll be with them, but we'll have some time in the days to explore Stockholm on our own. We have guidebooks to find all the major attractions, etc.--but hoped you could give some advice on fun places to go, or things to see, street kiosks to buy lunch, etc. that don't make it into guidebooks. Quirky is a plus!

I've seen these earlier questions, but they could use some refreshing and are not exactly what we're looking for. So, while we'll definitely see Gamla Stan and the Vasa Musueum and Moderna Museet, I'm hoping for recommendations for pop-up shops, antikvariat, interesting street art, buskers, fashion, cheap used music, etc. Jag kan tala bara lite svenska, och vi gillar att hitta nya saker att försoka och att se!* Tack!

*Yes, I realize that most Swedes speak better English than I do! It's just fun to learn.
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The best food I had in Stockholm was the "French hot dog" (sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, tomato sauce, in a French bread) at Östermalms Korvspecialist, located at Nybrogatan 55. It's just a little stand with some patio furniture outside it. The menu is massive, with various types of sausages & toppings combinations. I'd made a note to visit it but not precisely why, so I asked the proprietor what was popular. She told me that most people got the French. I went with it and wish I could have it all the time.

I found cool street art in so much of Stockholm, though most of it small scale. Some of the most memorable was in Gamla Stan.
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Admiral Haddock if you and the wife want a guided tour of the old city, I would be happy to show you around one afternoon. My office is just down from the royal castle and I love to show off my city. Söder, south of Folkungagatan (SoFo in local language) is probably where you want to poke around though. Gamla Stan is kitchy. MeFi mail me.
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Street kiosk to buy lunch: there is a trailer with strömming (baltic fish) at Slussen that I like a lot. Check thelocal.se, they just had a list of places to check out in Stockholm.
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Disaster tourism? Go to Husby - epicenter of recent car burning and stonethrowing.
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