Where to have my car windows tinted in Houston?
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I have a 2013 Honda Accord and I'd like to get my windows tinted. How do I go about finding a good shop? Has anyone had a good experience with a particular shop in the Houston area? Nothing looks uglier than a bad tint job in a year, so I want to do this right.
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I'd find a really reputable body shop in your area (Yelp) and ask if they can refer you to a tinter. Hell, you could even call a local BMW, Mercedes or exotic auto body shop. Tell 'em you brought one of your cars in a few months ago, they did an amazing job, but now you're looking to get your windows tinted. Most body shops don't tint but they know someone that does. Sometimes these guys have a garage or come to your location.
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Best answer: I've had two good experiences with Executive Tint on Hillcroft. 713.780.8501. I am very picky about details when it comes to my cars. I sent my friend there last week, and he had a pleasant experience, too.
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