Cheap and clean San Juan Del Sur abode?
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Can anyone recommend a cheap and safe place to stay in Managua and San Juan Del Sur (in Nicaragua)? I want to hear it from someone I trust! :-)
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I was in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua until late 2001, and made several visits to both of those places. San Juan del Sur is a small beach town with several nice and cheap hostels/small hotels; you could just walk around and check out a few until you found one you liked. I used to stay at Elizabeth Guest House; it's not the fanciest of places, but it is cheap, safe, and has a friendly staff. Watch out for the pet monkey, though, it bites. Not kidding. Managua is a different story- the city is large, confusing, and can be dangerous. One place that meets your requirments is Hotel Los Felipe, near the Tica Bus station.
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I dont know about Managua, but I stayed a weekend in Casa Oro, small hostel in San Juan del Sur, right in the heart of town. I was something like $5 a night for a hostel bed, but it . The Moon Handbook to Nicaragua is the best guidebook written about the place. I really enjoyed my time in San Juan del and enjoyable. Lots of good beaches. Anyways, i really urge you to check out the Moon Handbook.

I warn you to take EXTREME caution when traveling outside San Juan del Sur. There's was a huge uptick in crime there, and my friends and I got held up at machetepoint by five teens a half mile outside the town when walking to a beach. Other people at the hostel had gotten robbed too (like a grab and go with a purse)....and a few week s before, someone had gotten held up with pistols. Mind you, there were seven of us walking at 2pm on a sunday on a open, bright road. This was this summer.

I spent a few months in Nicaragua, and that was the only bad experience i had. Good luck and be careful.
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In Managua, look for a place called "Fat Maria's". An eight-room B&B owned by the son of Sandinista leader and former President Daniel Ortega.

Maria la Gorda
Reparto El Carmen, de Pinolero, 1 1/2 arriba
Managua, 00000 Nicaragua
phone: 011--50-5-26 x8-2455
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Thanks Jare2003, wow that sounds intense. 2pm on a Sunday on a bright road! Yikes...
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