Combined FAQ/HelpDesk solutions
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I'm looking for a cheap/freeware combined FAQ/trouble ticket system, along the lines of RightNow or Fuze.

I'm sure they're both wonderful systems, I just don't think we can afford anything where the price isn't shown up front (if you have to ask... :). Bugzilla and such are also good, but I don't want people to be able to see everyone else's problems nor comment on them. I found this listing on the PHP resource index but they mostly seem to be just a knowledgebase or a trouble ticket system, plus it's difficult to get an idea of how well they work from a quick demo.
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Best answer: I asked this a few months back.

For what it's worth I've used FogBugz for bugtracking, and I've no doubt it would make a great ticketer. I refuse to buy it on principle (per-seat licensing for a web app), but you should probably check it out.
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maybe faq-o-matic?

Otherwise I'd peruse hotscripts for something.
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I used to use Request Tracker. Old versions of it were really annoying, but it has gotten a lot better. I wish my current employer would let me use this, instead of the abomination we are rolling out soon.
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The documentation management side of Request Tracker is RTFM.

There's always the wiki option for doco, too.
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Have you seen PerlDesk? It used to be Open Source, maybe there is a fork out there. Their small-biz version costs $100.
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