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I know there are some good apps for line checking at Disneyland, but what I need are specific recommendations for some good ones. I'm not real particular but just want one that works well. Give me your best ones, and thank you!
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The Lines app from TouringPlans.com gets rave reviews from very, very experienced, seasoned Disney goers so I would not hesitate to get that. For general park planning I prefer TourGuideMike.com (TP and TGM are the two best planning sites and are competitors) but there's no TGM app I'm aware of. TP is $11.95 for a year and TGM is $21.95.
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The guy in the next cube over from me writes and maintains Mouseaddict when he's not doing the stuff he does in that cube. The guy is constantly headed down to Disneyland for long weekends, so I suspect that it's the tool he wanted.
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I've found that MouseWait works well, and it's free!
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Mousewait is amazing, works insanely well (it is crowd-sourced, so every ride seems to get an update on line status every 15min or so), and lets you know when things temporarily close before you walk halfway across the park to find out.

If you are there for multiple days, I found the Disneyland "game" Touching Stars to be a fun diversion. They give you puzzles and riddles to figure out and you have to find locations in the park, stand near them, and then hit the app. When I used it a few years ago, it kind of sucked the battery life out of my iPhone 3GS, but I bet things are better now. There's also a ton of trivia in the app and you count objects around the park in some of the games which is fun. We played through the entire app on the last day of our trip when we'd already ridden everything multiple times and were getting a little bored with things.
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Touring plans is fairly infamous for working great at Disney WORLD, and horribly at Disneyland. I second mouse wait-by horribly, I mean their crowd predictions are horribly inaccurate. And I'm a huge fan of the Unofficial Guide folks behind touring plans.

Suggest checking the Disneyland boards of disboards.com-those folks know their Disney :).
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