iPhone4 + GmailContacs = Wrong Contact Photo. HALP!
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I have an iPhone4, running iOS 5.1.1. From day one it has always pulled the Contacts from my gmail account via the "Exchange" option and has worked flawlessly...untill now...

Now some contacts have a the contact photo of someone else and because of synching, the photos are ending up in my gmail contacts.

Long ago, before I has an iPhone, but had an iTouch, I enabled the connection for contacts to pull their photo from Facebook. But in the latest FB app there is no way to turn it off.

So how do I get the right contact to show the right photo...if not possible how do I remove all the contact photos?

Please do not suggest upgrading to iOS 6, as it is not an option.

Thanks for your help and ideas.
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I'm trying to figure out a similar problem with my wife's iPhone, and the best idea I've found so far is this YouTube video. I plan to try it and see if it fixes the contact photos. It seems Google changed the way it syncs recently and it has caused a wide range of problems for people. And this article (and the comments) might help with the Facebook issue. Good luck!
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