Fix Winfixer?
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My wife's computer (running XP Pro SP2) has fallen victim to a piece of malware called "WinFixer 2005". None of the spyware or virus tools I've tried (Norton, MS AntiSpyware, AdAware) have even been able to find it, let alone remove it. Has anyone managed to get rid of this thing?
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Google 'remove winfixer' and you'll get dozens of sites with the info on how to remove it.
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Response by poster: ...and most of those sites appear to be either selling some type spyware program or offering generic solutions. That's why I'd like to know if anyone here has actually succeeded in removing it.
posted by timeistight at 12:43 PM on September 16, 2005's forums are pretty much the best one-stop shop for malware-removal advice I've found. A quick search ran on "winfixer" turned up dozens of posts; if none of those help out, you can post a log generated by HijackThis (excellent little utility; you can download it from them) and custom removal advice will be your way rather quickly.
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Best answer: This page seems to have very detailed instructions. I have no experience with WinFixer myself, however.
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This program is a shell for a great number of anti-spyware programs (all freeware, or fully functional trialware) and will rid you of WinFixer, and a lot more.
HitManPro (direct download)

Start it up, and it will download all the latest versions of the programs plus their updates, install them all, run them all, and all you have to do is let it do its business, just sit back.

Highly recommended for anyone to run on a monthly basis, btw.

Google it first if you don't trust it :) It really is very good.
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Have you tried Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs? (Seriously - an awful lot of crapware comes with perfectly good, working uninstallers now. Particularly the ones which could almost be a legitimate product.)
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How did you know you had this Winfixer thing in the first place?
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Response by poster: Goofyy: It pops up messages describing scary problems with the computer and suggesting you buy their software. It also intermittently opens a browser window to their homepage.

I think the procedure at GeeksToGo has worked (touch wood). Thanks Freezboy!
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Grensgeval, thanks for the pointer to HitManPro. I had the damn WinFixer thing too, and HitManPro cleaned it right up. HMP seems like a great program - thanks.
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