Wedding pinata content suggestions.
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What are some fun things to put in a wedding pinata that are not candy? Preferably some kind of inexpensive small trinket that people will want to keep as a memento. If it matters, the wedding will be in late November.
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Does the wedding have any particular theme?
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Response by poster: It's my friend's wedding and there isn't much of a strong theme going on at this point. I guess you could say a winterish theme but nothing set in stone.
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Tiny plastic bottles of alcohol? Or maple syrup/another edible? Truffles? tattoos?
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Something specific to what your friends like. Science nerds? Something from American Science and Surplus. Into gardening? Little Seed packets. That sort of thing. Tailor it to the couple in question and it'll be a lot more meaningful as a piece by which to remember the wedding.
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Small bottles of bubble solution, bonus: to blow at the couple instead of throwing rice
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If it is going to happen before dancing happens, glowing/flashing accessories that dancers can wear. Also, ring pops.
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Christmas Tree ornaments! preferably non breakable ones :)
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Mardi Gras beads.
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If there aren't going to be kids, I'd say little bottle of booze. Otherwise bubble solution is great, mardi grad beads too! You can get both customized on Etsy.
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Piñata-size Loteria games? Those ones aren't customized, but I bet some could be made.
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